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FRB-8A (Stand-up, 1.0 - 3.0 ton)

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<Product Features>

  • Stand-up reach truck model (Electric-powered)
  • Load capacity : From 1.0 to 3.0 ton (Load center : 500mm)
  • Power source : Electric motors
  • Installed with AC motors for traveling and load handling. Achieves 9.5 hours of operation period for one battery charge. (The figure measured under original test patterns.)
  • Dust and water resistance : Has air tight controller for traveling and load handling with IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.
  • Mutlifunctional meter panel available as standard to adjust the truck performance. Password entry system to prevent the misues of trucks by unauthorized operators is available in this system.
  • Major options: Auto-lock suspension system, front wheel brakes, laser beam positioning unit
  • The major truck specifications are shown as follows: The figures in the parentheses "()" are the specifications of high mast models.

Main Truck Specifications

Load capacityLoad centerMax. fork heightOverall widthOverall length (without forks)Overall heightTurning radiusBattery max. capacity (5hr)
1.0 ton model1000kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1090mm1080mm2245mm1350mm (1490mm)201AH/48V
1.25 ton model1250kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1090mm1080mm2245mm1490mm201AH/48V
1.35 ton model1350kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1090mm1150mm2245mm1560mm280AH/48V
1.5 ton model1500kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1090mm1150mm (1185mm)2245mm1560mm (1750mm)280AH/48V
1.8 ton model1800kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1090mm1190mm2245mm1750mm280AH/48V
2.0 ton model2000kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1200mm1280mm (1305mm)2300mm1795mm (1965mm)320AH/48V
2.5 ton model2500kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1200mm1305mm2300mm1965mm320AH/48V
3.0 ton model3000kg500mm3000mm (4000mm)1200mm1515mm2300mm2065mm390AH/48V